APSO Membership

APSO Membership

Benefits of an APSO member

  • Discounted or special fees for APSO conferences and events.

  • APSO allows you to upgrade your training and go on to get AO Masters and Diplomate qualification certificates.

  • You are also entitled to become a member of the Academy of Osseointegration at 50% discounted membership fee. Once you join AO at half price, 2 important journals in implant dentistry, IJOMI and IJPRD will be delivered to you plus access of all educational webinars and materials on AO Website. Over 100 webinars by leaders around the world. With this membership, you get to go on the pathway to get Masters and Diplomate status from AO as well.

    Be an Academy of Osseointegration member now and Download the AO Application for International Affiliate Membership form "here".
    [Important Note: Please return your completed AO Membership form to us at apacosseo@gmail.com to ensure you get the 50% discount.]

  • Continuous education opportunities at APSO’s periodic meetings, study groups and regional forums.

  • Access to selected regional implant dentistry meetings at reduced fees.

  • Networking opportunities with world-renowned interdisciplinary experts in the dental industry.

APSO membership offers worldwide networking and continuing education opportunities

With members from countries within the Asia Pacific region and its affiliation with the Academy of Osseointegration, APSO offers the unique advantage of sharing information on a worldwide basis.

The organization fosters the dissemination of knowledge to all disciplines and promotes developments in tissue replacement therapies in oral and facial care. The multidisciplinary make-up of the membership encourages dental professionals from various specialties, general practitioners, research scientists, academicians, laboratory technicians, and ancillary personnel to come together in a learning experience that provides a refreshing opportunity for an interdisciplinary approach.